I have a dream and this dream matters a lot to me. And I have my own destination to make my dream a reality. No one will ever see me quit, because I simply won't. If I start something, I will finish it and do it well.

God is good!

My life would suck without having God being part of it. I’ve tried to ignore Him and do stuffs by myself but that doesn’t helps at all. No it does not! Although I left Him behind, I know that God still waits for me and He’s Holy Spirit is always guiding me. I believe God was with me when I was settling my summons. Before I drove to MPSJ, I prayed to God for wisdom and understanding, grant me journey mercy as I get there, to be with me and surround me…

As I got there to pay the fine I made for parking illegally, I took the turn-numbers and look for a sit. As I found my sit, I saw an iPhone beside our sits (I was with 12 year old Derrick) and I knew that it belongs to somebody. The owner of the mobile phone must have forgotten about it. I took the phone, and from the homepage of the iPhone, there was a picture of a Chinese couple. We tried to look for them similar to the ones on the phone but it was totally hopeless. Me and Derrick didn’t want to take home the iPhone because we knew that it doesn’t belongs to us. I can feel that what if I had that iPhone and I lost it?

So we decided to hand in to the information counter and went back to our sits. While waiting for our turn to be called, I saw this couple walking into the entrance and as they passed by us, I stood up and asked one of them this “Are you guys looking for something?” The wife answered “Nope”. And then I thought this could not be right, they look like the ones in the iPhone. I asked once more… “What about your mobile phone, are you looking for it?” And then the husband started checking his pocket  and boggled. I knew he was the owner of that missing iPhone. I told him to collect it from the information counter.

To really cut the whole long story short, and as a reward, he paid up my fine and I was relieved! I was like “God, you’re so wonderful and really awesome! Thank you Father!”…

I believe God work miraculously, He works in many ways. I was in shocked when that took place. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t the missing iPhone owner, it wasn’t anyone but it was God! I really wanna thank God for being with me and in my heart really, without Him, I would have pay up the fine myself. All Glory goes to God!


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