I have a dream and this dream matters a lot to me. And I have my own destination to make my dream a reality. No one will ever see me quit, because I simply won't. If I start something, I will finish it and do it well.

Best B’day Gift: TIME

It’ll totally make my day if my father would bring me down by the fishing hole on my birthday. That would be like the BEST gift ever for my birthday present. Well, I had a dad who spent time with me by bringing me out for lunch at his favorite chicken rice shop. We’re still very close but I couldn’t tell all my stories or talk much to him because he speaks Mandarin for that matter. I mean, I can speak Mandarin but not as perfect as English. I was raised in an orphanage which English is their first language. Now I think in English, I do everything the English way. Best word for it is I’ve been ‘Westernized’.

Anyway, we had a really good time together, just like a father son thing. He was living on earth but it was time for him to live in Paradise. I couldn’t agree the fact that he’s gone and that really brought me down. Confusion start clouding my mind on what will happen next. Still haven’t got my future figured out.

After all that happened, I couldn’t be happy to celebrate my birthday and didn’t wanna tell anyone. But your friends or strangers will write a birthday wish on your wall on Facebook. That’s when you’ll get notifications more than your usual numbers. For me, that is not enough. It is good that Facebook helps remind my friends on my birthday, but it’s better if I could have someone spend time talking to me. You can buy me anything expensive in the world or treat me to a Nando’s Chicken Restaurant but that wouldn’t make me happy. Well not very.

If my birthday comes, I appreciate if you can give me all those I’ve mentioned earlier but the BEST gift in the world you could give me is ‘TIME’. Not the magazine but spending time talking to me or asking all about me. Getting to know each other better. You can come up with some jokes too I don’t mind, I have a good sense of humor (at least I do). If a married couple could adopt me, I would be more than happy to have a family. I can have a father to spend time with me in the beach or a mother to show what love is like to me. On the whole, the most important gift of all is; you know…

If this ever come true, I’ll be the HAPPIEST person in the world! I mean really really happy. I mean it. Now that you know what present I would love to have; it’s ‘TIME’ and ‘LOVE’. That’s the BEST thing you could ever present someone. Even if it’s Christmas…


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